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Jesse Dotson

I met Marilyn in 1986. I’m honored to share some things about her that I’ve come to learn throughout the years. Count yourself special if you have ever crossed paths with her because she has the innate ability to bring out the best in everyone she meets.

First, is her zest for life. She realized early that she needed to follow her passions instead of what people expected from her. Always one to forge her own path, she went back to school to get her Dance BFA at the University of Hawaii. She holds multiple Certifications in Yoga, Dance, and Physical Fitness and Life Coaching.

Her appreciation for health and wellness has always been at the forefront of her commitment to achieving her personal best in whatever she accomplishes and what she shares with everyone she meets. Marilyn believes that we are all a work in progress and that we all have the ability to do better.

Ultimately, if I had to describe her in one word, it would be, “phenomenal”. She is extraordinary because she approaches life and its challenges with humility and grace in all her interactions. She is truly an inspiration.

– Jesse Dotson

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