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Maria Seda

I have known Marilyn for about 15 years. I felt comfortable sharing with her about my stress at work. She did say, “Try my yoga class. It may help you”. I had never taken a yoga class before so I was apprehensive. I remember that right after taking yoga classes from her, my body posture started to improve and my breathing was becoming easier. Because of the way I felt, I continued to take more group yoga classes as well as salsa and ballroom dancing lessons with her.

One day I did ask her, do you provide individualized yoga lessons? She became my personal yoga teacher for years. I had scoliosis and she helped me correct body imbalances with different exercise techniques to help my body symmetry, which also included specialized breathing. As a result, my body became well balanced and I can stand up straight and tall. That greatly reduced my anxiety level. I feel like a winner.

Deciding to become Marilyn’s student has been a paradigm shift in my life. I have on occasion taken group yoga classes with other teachers and I can with certainty say that Marilyn is so far the best yoga teacher. She is a professional with many years of training and experience and most importantly, she gives personal attention. She can have both beginner and advanced students in the same class and they all get what they need from her.

Maria Seda

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